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MAKING a DIFFERENCE (MaD) was created by group of individuals poised to redefine the paradigm shift in Peer to Peer Donations. With several years participating in donation platforms we have gathered the experience needed to make this work and remain sustainable. Making a Difference is a free will donation community, we are not a company and we are not a business. There are no central accounts for taking donations, the platform just makes it possible for willing participants to donate money directly to each other and get rewarded by each other. You do not invest, and you do not make profits. You are only rewarded from 50% to 80% on your donation (when you also need help) for donating to helping others.



Easy Returns on Investment

To have this platform that give all participants the avenue to help others and get helped with rewards when they need help within a specific time.



Online Investment platform

We envision this platform being an alternative and sustainable source for participants to make passive rewards (“income”) and be free from some financial burdens.


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After selecting a suitable package, the system will automatically match you to an existing member you are to make payment to.

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Get the account details of the member you are to pay to from your dashboard and pay the stated amount.

Make Payment to the Upline

Get the account details of the member you are to pay to from your dashboard and pay the stated amount.



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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is MadCedigh?
MadCedigh is a member to member donation and mutual aid fund scheme for members to help other members in an efficient way. By using this scheme, members gives and receives donations from each other.
Our aim is to create a platform that gives all participants an avenue to enjoy a higher standard of living.
The different packages are designed to accomodate a specified investment amount. The higher the package, the more money you invest. Hence, the more profit you make.
Anybody of any age and sex can join MadCedigh. Equal benefits and donations are assigned to all.
Yes, you can run multiple accounts, but you must run them with different usernames and email addresses as those are unique in the system
Setting up an account with MadCedigh is absolutely 100% FREE! No charges whatsoever!!
The time it takes for you to get downlines to pay you depends on the flow of new users in the system. To shorten this timeframe, this is why we introduced the autocycle feature which forces new and existing members to keep investing in the system while retaining their profits of course. Downlines are assigned to pay usually on or before 15 days!

There are two ways to join MadCedigh:

  • You get invited by an existing member via his/her referal link. After clicking the referal link, you will be redirected to a registration form page where you fill a simple registration form. This process takes less than two minutes. After successfully filling the form, you will be granted access to your dashboard where you can join a package and start investing.

  • In the event where you are not refered by anyone, you can head over to the registration page and fill out the simple registration form there.

You get 10% of the FIRST package your referals sign up for. For instance, if you refer someone to the system and the person starts by joining the Small package of Ghc5,000, your wallet will be credited with 10% of Ghc5,000 which is Ghc500 naira. However, after that package, the next time your referals invest into the system, you will not receive any compensation bonus.
You can run as many packages as you want at any given time.
The downlines the system assigns to pay you will make payments via the bank account details you provide while filling the registration form. They can proceed to make payment either via bank deposit or cash transfer.
MadCedigh is a multi-level interpersonal organization where individuals who will help each other deliberately, will join with their details. Also, the registered members from MadCedigh have a bound together monetary relationship, and this has demonstrated the motivation behind why MadCedigh is not a subject of legitimate relations thus the MadCedigh community can't be illicit. Giving cash by one member to another is not disallowed by either universal or nearby lawful frameworks.
MadCedigh is a timed system. Members are given 24 hours to confirm payments made by their downlines (provided valid evidence of payment has been uploaded). Once this time frame elapses and there is still no approval, the case will be automatically moved to the MadCedigh Court where judges will preside over the issue and reach a verdict to confirm or cancel the payment based on the statements and evidences provided by you and the member you were matched to.
Keep Calm, there is no need to worry here. Once the time assigned to a downline has been exhausted, the system will block the account of the downline and assign a new downline to pay you within 24 hours.

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This is a donation platform. It is not a business, you do not invest, and you do not make profits. It is not a scam and it is not a get rich quick platform. Participants willingly help each other by donating money directly to each other and getting helped by receiving donations from each other. There are no contracts and there are no guarantees. It is just good to help each other and request for help when one needs it. Participate only with money that you can afford to donate. Do not participate if you do not have money to donate. You cannot lose money because you do not invest you only donate. You get rewards if there are pledges in the system at the time you request for help. It is good to help but you cannot help if you do not have it. Do not borrow money to donate use only what you have and willing to donate..